Images from 2002

Chicks Hatching
Fire eater
Craft Marquee
Chicks hatching at the show
Fire eater
Craft Marquee
Ulverscroft Nurseries
Hort Show 1
Hort Show 2
Plants for sale
Horticultural Show
Horticultural Show
Hort Show 3
Hort Show 4
Hort Show 5
Horticultural Show
How big do you like your pumpkins?
Flower display
Flower Arranging
Flower arrangment
Flower arranging demonstration
'Pantomime' Flower arrangement
Childrens swing
Gypsy Caravan
Dog Agility
Carriage Driving
Gypsy Caravan
Dog (and child) Agility
Carriage driving
Old Cars
Crazy Duck Race
Old Cars
Hawk Display
Crazy Duck race
Pole Lathe
Sheaf Tossing
Horse riding
Pole lathe turning demonstration
Sheaf tossing championship
Riding the mechanical horse
Dexter Show
Dexter Show
Chicken Show
Dexter show with two full size cows
Dexter show
Poultry tent
Rodeo Bull
Trade Stands
Bee Keeping
Riding the Rodeo Bull
Trade stands
Collecting honey from a live hive


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