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The Xtreme Stunt team is one of the most unique and exciting motorcycle stunt show’s & cycle bike display’s on the planet, with riders boasting more accumulated championship titles and accomplishments than any other team. The show consists of two riders and a commentator, a champion cycle rider who will leave your audience simply amazed as he exhibits his incredible riding talents. Joining the champion cycle rider in the show is Dan Clark who as wowed audiences all over the world with his motorcycle stunts and displays. With Dan on the motorbike and the champion cycle rider, it’s a man against machine event with plenty of comedy aspects to the show!




The Quack Pack

A farmer born and bred, Meirion has been around border collies all his life. He is the third generation of his family to be involved in the art of training, competing and demonstrating with his border collies all over the country. Meirion appears regularly on TV and has been on three series of the very popular BBC programme 'One Man and His Dog.' He has been featured on many TV programmes including the BBC 'Countryfile', 'The One Show', SKY1 'Pet Nation' and recently filmed for ITV new series 'Britains Top 100 Favourite Dogs' which will be shown during the summer. Meirion's sheep dog and duck demonstrations are designed to showcase the amazing talents of border collies and the communication between handler and dog. His demonstrations are informative, educational and highly entertaining. They are also interactive, allowing hands-on adult and children participation. Meirion provides his own humorous commentary as he uses a combination of commands to guide his dogs and cooperative (and sometimes uncooperative) Indian Runner ducks around a course that includes tunnels, slides and pens



Birds of Prey

The JRCS Falconry Team has been a regular visitor at the show for many years. They will be appearing in the arena with a spectacular close up flying demonstration and a chance for the public to get involved, close up to these magnificent birds. There is also a large display of birds at their stand. Jan, a falconer with many years' experience, started his professional career with the Bird of Prey display team at Woburn Abbey. His work has covered every aspect of rearing, training, working with and caring for a wide range of birds of prey. JCRS Falconry has a private collection of over 25 birds, which are all bred in captivity and loved and well cared for. From the beautiful barn owl to the hunting hawk to the feisty falcon and canny kestrel, there's sure to be a bird for everyone.

Labyrinth Cave presents a challenging environment, the tight turns and squeeze areas means the system has to be crawled through commando style, or if you are small enough, you may be able to do it on your hands and knees. From the beginning, you are plunged into a world of total darkness to seek the single exit point. But don't worry, there are a number of quick release 'blanks' that act as emergency exits if needed. The blank panels can also be removed to flood areas with light to reassure the occupants who may become worried or to build confidence to encourage entry into the Labyrinth Cave. Labyrinth Cave is suitable for all ages and abilities, equally as challenging for individuals or groups

Leicestershire & Rutland BeeKeepers Association

The Leicestershire & Rutland Beekeepers Association was founded in April 1882 and was registered as a Charity on 11 November 1980. It is a not for profit organisation. Our object is to preserve the honey bee, by promoting the craft of beekeeping and educating the public about the benefit of bees in the environment. All funds are directed towards this objective. Each year we provide practical training courses to improve bee husbandry for both beginners and the more experienced beekeepers. We arrange a lecture programme during the winter and also publish six newsletters annually. During the summer our demonstration tent tours shows allowing around 1000 children to handle bees safely. We also provide beekeeping taster days for adults interested in beekeeping and we currently have 310 active members. Leicestershire & Rutland Beekeepers Association is registered as Charity

Mickey Clownn

Children's entertainer Michael Burt, aka Mickey Clownn, is coming to share with us in our United Service at 10am. Michael is a Christian children's entertainer whose range include puppets, clowning, Punch and Judy, Balloons, tricks and illusions. Michael has experience of entertaining young and old a like at private children's parties, corporate events, weddings, church events, summer and Christmas fairs. (

Vintage Vehicles

Wide selections of vintage vehicles are on display from near and far. The display includes commercial vehicle from days past, vintage motorbikes and cars. Many of the owners will be on hand to tell the individual histories.

Farm Machinery

Local owners have brought along a selection of their machines along this year. There will hopefully also be a more modern example - harvest allowing.

Spinning Demonstration

Mrs Vincent of East Leake will be demonstrating the art of spinning using locally produced wool.

Cow Milking Demonstration

By kind permission of A & R Stafford

Have you ever wondered where the milk you put on your cornflakes or in your tea comes from? Now is the time to find out. Andrew Spicer will be milking during the day (see board for details), a cow from the A & R Stafford Saxelby herd. This herd is one of the top herds in the country, one of their cows, Saxelby Golden Rose was recently Supreme Champion at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Flower Display

A flower display can be found in the Horticultural tent provided by Ulverscroft Grange Nurseries. Plants will also be available for sale.

The Mark IV Zephyr and Zodiac Owners Club

The club was established in 1983 by a few keen owners with the purpose of keeping Mark IV's on the road when parts became a problem. We produce a quarterly magazine and also have several meetings a year. Since 1989 the club has attended the Sutton Bonington show for its A.G.M..

St Annes Art Group (StAart) Again

A group of local artists, who hold regular local meetings in the village, will be displaying and selling a sample of their impressive work. If you have artistic skills or just fancy having a go then have a chat to this group of enthusiasts.

Trade Stalls

A selection of hand picked quality trade stalls selling a wide variety of items such as high quality garden furniture, plants and gifts plus many more.

Great Food Stalls

A selection of good traditional British foods to buy




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